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Dr. David Godbold is the CEO of the Wounded Warrior Program, which works with a multitude of Government agencies and AbilityOne companies to establish programs that provide meaningful employment opportunities to Wounded Warriors, Veterans and Americans with disabilities.

 Dr. Godbold has a vested interest in the military, with a particular passion for injured warriors.

Our Staff

  • Board Chairman: Colonel Thomas Hundley, USA, Retired
  • VP Operations: Joe Giustiniano, USN, Retired
  • CFO: Cyrus Berdan, USMC, Retired
  • Director of Administration: Ana Servones, USA, Retired
  • Director of Marketing: Justin Ray Williams
  • Director of Investigations: Shawn Bethea
  • Coordinator for Legal Council: Taylor Gardner

Advisory Board Members

  • Advisory Board Chairman: Marty Hierholzer, USN, Retired, CEO, SDVOSB
  • Project Advisor: Ryan Nashworthy, USN, Retired
  • Disaster Relief Advisor: Justin Bowie, USMC
  • Honorary Board Member: Major Raymond Everhart, JSOC Advisor
  • Honorary Board Member: Susan Clark, SOCOM
 (WWP) is committed to diversity and inclusion (D&I) in all aspects of its leadership and guidance to the organization. This D&I Statement memorializes that commitment.
WWP’s Board of Directors highly values diversity and supports the election and appointment of diverse candidates to the Board. The Board believes that having directors of diverse gender, race, and ethnicity, along with varied skills and experiences, contributes to a balanced and more effective Board – one that is better positioned to address the changing needs of those who WWP serves.
The Board is committed to administering a director election and recruiting process that encourages and promotes consideration of diverse candidates in the nomination and election of directors to the Board. The Board encourages its members to consider diversity when nominating individuals for director positions. In selecting nominees for director positions, the Board considers gender, race, and ethnic diversity, among other factors. The greater diversity of opinions and backgrounds the Board possesses, the better foundation it has for sound decisions. Director term limits is one mechanism that helps brings more diversity to the Board by regularly bringing fresh and innovative perspectives.
The Board fosters an inclusive culture and environment where all directors feel welcome and have an equal opportunity to connect, belong, and contribute to WWP, as well as proactively collaborate with fellow directors and WWP’s management team.
Through its focus on D&I, WWP’s Board of Directors promotes collaboration among diverse individuals across the organization to fulfill the mission of honoring and empowering wounded warriors. For questions contact ana@wwpusa.org board member and former Investigator for the US. Department of Labor (Veteran).

Note: We are a Volunteer Organization.