About Wounded Warrior Program

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Dr. David Godbold is the CEO of the Wounded Warrior Program, which works with a multitude of Government agencies and AbilityOne/GSA companies to establish programs that provide meaningful employment opportunities to Wounded Warriors, Veterans and Americans with disabilities. Dr.Godbold has directed Government operations Conus/OConus, for various agency missions.Dr. Godbold does not receive a salary from WWP, he donates to the program.

 Dr. Godbold has a vested interest our  Military, with a particular passion for injured Warriors and all Veterans. Our focus is to find jobs for our transitioning Soldiers. When you purchase your Office Products, Furniture, Paper, Toners, Jan-San and Hazmat products from WWP, you are paying a Warrior/Veterans Salary.

The Wounded Warrior Program helps to create employment opportunities in the public & private sectors for Americans with disabilities, Veterans and Wounded Warriors in their transition from the battlefield to the workplace. The mission is further supported by revenue generated through sales of office supplies, technology, paper, furniture, Tool & MRO, PPE products and the sourcing and fulfillment of specialty health, emergency products, equipment, and appliances through the Wounded Warrior Supply Program operated by multiple AbilityOne companies that are listed on GSA Advantage, Fed-Mall, OS4 FSSI BPA, AbilityOne Partners. When you purchase your mandatory and procurement list items you help to keep a Warrior Employed. (We have many AbilityOne companies that support our mission).
The Wounded Warrior Program was founded in 2004/5 by a government committee formed by Dr. David Godbold, CJ Lange, IB AbilityOne.Gov, Department of Army (Ft. Bragg) Womack Army Medical Center, Warrior Transition Battalions, Department of Veterans Affairs and members of DoD. The sole mission to assist wounded warriors and veterans in finding meaningful employment opportunities as they transition from the battlefield to the private sector. Each WWP program is operated independently by each organization or companies that have GSA Schedules and AbilityOne.Gov certifications as a dealer/distributor to supply the mandatory requirement for the Military and Federal Government. We work to secure Government contracts and award them to a Government Contractor or Commercial Company. The funds from the contract pay the Veterans and Warriors Salaries. In April 2022 we became a 501 C3.
Note: We are a Volunteer Organization.

Prior we began our Wounded Warrior Program under Industries for the Blind, an AbilityOne.Gov agency. We operated on 14 Military Bases, then moved the program Nation Wide.


To generate revenue supporting those Veterans who have sustained service-related injuries and/or health conditions, whether physical, mental and/or emotional.

Our AbilityOne/GSA Partners are registered with the Wounded Warrior Program which provides the distribution and 
sale of a wide variety of GSA MAS Schedule products.

The purpose of our program is to be a source of employment for our warriors and veterans by  connecting them with our AbilityOne Partners, that provide quality goods, exceptional value and streamlined product purchasing for the government.

Ultimately we will make a difference in the lives of the deserving men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect and defended our country.

Wounded Warrior Program

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Source of Employment

To be a source of employment for our wounded warriors.
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Make A Difference

Make a difference in the lives of soilders who have  defend our country.
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Connect Wounded Warriors

To connect wounded warriors with  employment opportunities.
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Provide Quality Goods

To provide quality goods, exceptional value and stream-lined  purchasing.